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Is your science sound?

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A retired physicist at your service. I like weird and wonderful too, so don't think you must be a rocket scientist.

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Why am I here?


 For our shared goals. To be a mastermind of sorts. To help you achieve your goals, and for me to keep my finger in the pie. I've been a physicist for 50 years. No time to mildew now.

    About  Me 

I go back to Sputnik (the first Russian satellite) times. When in college, I attended classes during the day and monitored Sputnik's traverse across the sky at night. I don't know how helpful that was, but Lindfield College's research department paid me to do it. And I got to play with all sorts of fancy equipment.


As a grad student, I was a Physics Lab Assistant, as well as teaching freshman Physics. The most fun was assisting students in the Lab.

Here's where you come in. 

Let's see if I can be of assistance with your project.

It's helpful and fun to bounce ideas off another kindred soul.

One of my most satisfying experiences was to teach a kid how to use the Mill. He went on to get a fine job as a machinist.

I once built a UFO detector that never detected a UFO. The Navy, however, used it to monitor ships coming in and out of San Diego Harbor.

I've been building an SEM in my home shop. An SEM is a Scanning Electron Microscope. It's at the prototype stage, but I found when my partner passed away, I put it aside. That's where I found it so valuable to have that kindred soul beside me. 

I have advanced from being a Newtonian physicist into more esoteric subjects such as UFOs, Near Death Experiences, Life on other planets, and the nature of Consciousness.

My background has been 18 years working as a civilian for the Navy I left that to partner with an Optometrist to design and build Diagnostic Equipment for Ophthalmologists. We took a perimeter from design to prototype to manufacture and sold our business for stock in another company.


For the last few years, I have been in the Optic field, creating accessories for microscopes--such as remote movable stages for research esp. for use in Universities. 





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My SEM prototype


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Well, I got an image on the SEM. Not the best, but a start. It's of a fine metallic mesh.

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